12 March, 2006

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Problem Judge Input Judge Output Solving Program
The mysterious X network
A1.in A2.in A3.in A4.in A5.in
A6.in A7.in A8.in A9.in
A1.sol A2.sol A3.sol A4.sol A5.sol
A6.sol A7.sol A8.sol A9.sol
Bin Packing
B0.in B1.in B2.in B3.in B4.in
B5.in B6.in B7.in B8.in B9.in
B10.in B11.in B12.in B13.in B14.in
B0.sol B1.sol B2.sol B3.sol B4.sol
B5.sol B6.sol B7.sol B8.sol B9.sol
B10.sol B11.sol B12.sol B13.sol B14.sol
On Storing Clothes
C1.in C2.in C3.in C4.in C5.in
C1.sol C2.sol C3.sol C4.sol C5.sol
Buy or Build
D0.in D1.in D2.in D3.in D4.in
D5.in D6.in D7.in D8.in D9.in
D0.sol D1.sol D2.sol D3.sol D4.sol
D5.sol D6.sol D7.sol D8.sol D9.sol
4 Values whose Sum is 0
E0.in E1.in E2.in E3.in E4.in
E5.in E6.in E7.in E8.in E9.in
E0.sol E1.sol E2.sol E3.sol E4.sol
E5.sol E6.sol E7.sol E8.sol E9.sol
Keep the Customer Satisfied
F0.in F1.in F2.in F3.in F4.in
F5.in F6.in F7.in F8.in F9.in
F10.in F11.in F12.in
F0.sol F1.sol F2.sol F3.sol F4.sol
F5.sol F6.sol F7.sol F8.sol F9.sol
F10.sol F11.sol F12.sol
UFO Cubes in Roswell
G0.in G1.in G2.in G3.in
G0.sol G1.sol G2.sol G3.sol
Black Box
H0.in H1.in H2.in H3.in H4.in
H5.in H6.in H7.in H8.in H9.in
H10.in H11.in H12.in H13.in H14.in
H15.in H16.in H17.in H18.in H19.in
H0.sol H1.sol H2.sol H3.sol H4.sol
H5.sol H6.sol H7.sol H8.sol H9.sol
H10.sol H11.sol H12.sol H13.sol H14.sol
H15.sol H16.sol H17.sol H18.sol H19.sol
Pixel Shuffle
I1.in I2.in I3.in I4.in I5.in
I6.in I7.in I8.in I9.in I10.in
I11.in I12.in
I1.sol I2.sol I3.sol I4.sol I5.sol
I6.sol I7.sol I8.sol I9.sol I10.sol
I11.sol I12.sol
Consecutive ones
J0.in J1.in J2.in J3.in J4.in
J5.in J6.in J7.in J8.in J9.in
J0.sol J1.sol J2.sol J3.sol J4.sol
J5.sol J6.sol J7.sol J8.sol J9.sol